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Patient Rights
You have the right to an individual plan of treatment. This basic treatment plan shall include a statement of the goals of treatment, appropriate programs, treatment or therapies to be undertaken to meet the goals and a specific timetable for reviewing progress. You must have the opportunity to participate as fully as you are able in establishing and revising your individual treatment plan. This includes the right to ask that the plan be revised. You have a right to receive services that are suited to your needs provided in a skillful, safe, and humane manner. Under state and federal law, staff people may not discriminate against you because of race, color, sex, creed, religion, age, national origin, or the nature and severity of your disability. As an inpatient, you will receive periodic medical and dental examinations. Treatment for medical and dental problems is available, with appropriate follow-up services as needed. Medications may be used only for therapeutic purposes, and the purpose and possible side effects, along with alternative treatments available, must be explained to you. In case of serious illness or injury, your guardian, family, or a close friend whom you have designated will be notified immediately.
Patient Responsibilities

At BHC, we strive to make sure that the best possible care is provided for patients. Here are the key patient responsibilities: 
  • To give your healthcare provider accurate and complete information about your medical conditions (past and present) and all other significant information with regards to your health. 
  • To report any unexpected change in your health condition to your healthcare provider.
  • To let your healthcare provider know whether you understand the plan of care and what is expected of you.
  • To follow your treatment plan as recommended.
  • To know the consequences of your own actions when you refuse treatment or do not follow the healthcare providers’ instructions.
  • To be considerate of the rights of other patients and hospital personnel.
  • To follow hospital policy and regulations regarding care and conduct.
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