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A structured and nurturing environment designed to meet the treatment needs of older adults.

The Brunswick Hospital Center geriatric program provides a safe, structured and planned environment to meet the unique needs of older adults requiring inpatient hospitalization for acute behavioral health treatment.
Patient and Nurse

Age-specific leisure and treatment activities that promote dignity and well-being
Symptoms of mental illness are treated effectively within a secure environment that addresses a population with varied degrees of physical and cognitive impairments. Intense supervision is provided for activities for daily living including bathing, toileting, ambulation, and independence for quality of life.
Age-specific leisure activities in combination with multidisciplinary treatment interventions promote personal dignity and well-being. Medical needs are maintained by an internal medicine specialist and a medical nurse practitioner.
Patients generally come to our geriatric program when their behavior has become problematic at home or in another facility.

Special attention is given to fall prevention. Falls are often the result of existing medical conditions, visual problems and a lack of flexibility. Our treatment workshop focuses on the safety measures that can be implemented to prevent falls, as well as the medical conditions and medications that may predispose patients to falling.

We also address the specialized nutrition and dietary requirements of senior patients at BHC with multiple medical co-morbidities.
We treat the following:-
  • Depression
  • Anxiety,
  • Dementia including mid to late stage dementia,
  • Psychotic disorders and other mental health conditions 
Our goal is to return our patients safely to their home or place them in a suitable care facility. 
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