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Recovery is a partnership between patients, their families and our treatment team.

At the core of recovery, lies the development of a treatment plan.

Signing a Contract
Inpatient care at BHC is a collaborative process. Through our breadth of offerings, we work to help individuals get through their current crises and reintegrate into community life.

We encourage patients to include a family member to participate in the development of their treatment plan, which is a multi-disciplinary approach to recovery and includes the patient, their family and the treatment team.

Promptly after admission, our caring treatment team begins structuring a path for recovery and wellness. The patient’s psychological and physical health are assessed during the first 24-48 hours of their stay. The 
treatment team then develops an individualized treatment plan that includes objectives and measurable goals.  
Treatment plans are reviewed at regular intervals to evaluate progress and appropriate interventions are implemented to help achieve each patient’s goals. 
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