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Our program provides comprehensive patient centered care for individuals who have symptoms of psychiatric disorders that interfere with their abilities to function and be safe on their own. 

We offer individualized treatment tailored to each patients unique situation utilizing a multidisclipnary approach, with the ultimate goal to ensure a safe return back into the community. Our services include:
  • Comprehensive and integrated physical and mental health assessments

  • Individualized treatment by an expert multidisciplinary team

  • 24-hour nursing care

  • Assistance with personal care and hygiene

  • Safe and secure accommodations and private courtyard

  • Comprehensive discharge planning

  • Nutritional screening and ongoing assessment by a licensed dietitian

  • Healthy prepared meals and snacks

  • On-site pharmacy medication review

  • Patient and family education 

  • Group psychotherapy and education on medication and symptom management 

  • Creative arts therapy 

  • Individual  therapy 

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

  • One-on-one family counseling

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