The Treatment Team:



The Director is a Board Certified Psychiatrist who oversees the psychiatric care of all patients in the hospital. The Medical Director is responsible for the clinical and administrative operations of the program and supervision of all the treatment team members.


The Director may also serve as an attending psychiatrist. 



Attending Physician / Nurse Practitioner      


The attending physician/nurse practitioner will manage the patient's care throughout their stay. Upon admission, the patient will be assigned to a psychiatrist or a nurse practitioner. They will meet with the patient and evaluate the patient's psychiatric needs. A comprehensive individualized treatment plan will be developed within 48 to 72 hours.  The nurse practitioners work in collaboration and under the direct supervision of the Director of the facility.





The Internist/Pediatrician is a consulting physician who is responsible for a patient's physical assessment and health during their hospital stay.  Patients who require specialty medical care will be referred to the appropriate health care professionals.  A physical exam is performed on every patient within 24-48 hours of admission.







A Psychologist is available for individual testing and consultation when necessary.




Social Worker      




Each patient is assigned a licensed social worker on admission. The social worker manages and advocates the patient's needs within various treatment team components.  The social worker meets with the patient and family/guardians at least weekly. They also serve as a link between patient, family and agency in order to create a comprehensive discharge plan.




Primary Nurse    



The Primary Nurse is responsible for coordinating the patient's nursing care, psycho-education and follow up on all medical issues.




Nursing Staff  


The nursing staff is responsible for the safety and nursing care that are provided 24-hours a day for every patient.  The nursing staff consists of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Psychiatric Aides.




Activity Therapist                  


The Activity Therapists lead art and recreational groups daily using leisure activities in a therapeutic setting.




Psychiatric Aide     



The Psychiatric Aide provides patient care and support under the direction of the Licensed Practical Nurse.



Registered Dietician      


The Registered Dietician provides an assessment of nutritional status and needs along with on-going reassessment, diet planning and teaching. Registered Dietician services are available upon referral.



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