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We regularly encourage patients to participate in leisure creative therapies to induce relaxation naturally.

Making Paper Craft Art
Creative Art Therapy
Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person's physical, mental and emotional well-being.
The creative process involved in expressing oneself artistically can help people to resolve issues as well as develop and manage their behaviors and feelings, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem and awareness.
Music Therapy
Music therapists primarily help patients improve their health in several domains, such as cognitive functioning, motor skills, emotional development, social skills, and quality of life, by using music experiences such as free improvisation, singing and listening to and discussing and moving to music to achieve treatment goals.
Recreational Therapy
Therapeutic Recreation (TR) is a treatment service designed to restore, remediate and rehabilitate a person's level of functioning and independence in life activities to promote health and wellness as well as reduce or eliminate the activity limitations and restrictions to participation in life situations caused by an illness or disabling condition.

Recreational therapists work with patients to restore motor, social and cognitive functioning, build confidence, develop coping skills, and integrate skills learned in treatment settings into community settings.  Intervention areas vary widely and are based upon patient interests.  Examples of intervention modalities include creative arts dance/movement, and leisure education.
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