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Our Food Service Department is staffed by Registered Dietitians who give personalized diet instruction and therapy to all patients on therapeutic diets or with nutrition concerns. Special attention is given to cultural, religious, lactose and gluten restrictions. Kosher meals are provided for those patients preferring to eat Kosher foods.

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Healthy Lifestyles Training
Maintaining a healthy diet and good nutrition are essential in recovery and daily life.
Our Healthy Lifestyles therapeutic group discusses a variety of essential topics such as healthy eating, food safety, importance of adhering to restricted diets.  This interactive group allows patients to share their questions, and their knowledge to help contribute to their success.
Meal Plan Service
Our dietary department and nutrition team, operates a fully equipped in-house kitchen that serves all patients three healthy freshly prepared meals per day along with two snacks. All meals are prepared as per the dietary requirements of the patient.
Special Event Meal Service
Our BHC dietary kitchen staff, go the extra mile to prepare special holiday meals for all patients - so as to maintain a feeling of home, joyfulness and camaraderie between patients and staff during the holiday season and on special holidays. Several patient BBQ’s and BBQ themed luncheons are also a wonderful experience from Memorial Day through Labor Day which is thoroughly enjoyed by patients.
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