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Our Department of Social Work is comprised of licensed social workers, and discharge coordinators  that provide psychosocial assessments, crisis intervention and supportive counselling 

Seniors Socializing
Depression can make patients feel hopeless, afraid and alone.  Feelings of depression are caused by a chemical change that affects how the brain functions.  A normally functioning brain controls functions from heartbeat to walking and emotions. When chemical messages are not delivered correctly between brain cells, communication is disrupted and depression occurs.
Thankfully, there are many effective forms of treatment that can help patients cope with depression, including medications that strengthen cellular communication, ensuring that the brain's vital messages are delivered clearly and quickly.
Discharge Planning
Our discharge planning group empowers patients to play an active role in their discharge plan. 
Our treatment team recognizes the importance of patient, caregiver and social services engagement in the discharge planning process.  This comprehensive approach provides support systems to reduce adverse events after discharge 
Tolerance and Disrespect
Tolerance means respecting and learning from others, valuing differences, bridging cultural gaps to discover common ground and create bonds.  Patients are taught to accept others for who they are, and learn to recognize boundaries in relationships.  
Our program helps patients to acknowledge and respect differences within their group of family and friends, while setting healthy boundaries.    
Conflict Resolution
Effectively dealing with conflict is an important part of recovery.  Our treatment approach helps patients to identify conflict of different nature, so that they may focus on resolving issues whenever possible
Bullying is repeated aggressive behavior that is designed to threaten, frighten or coerce someone.  Left unchecked, bullying can render its victims emotionally paralyzed and unable to enjoy a meaningful life.  Our treatment strategy empowers patients to overcome bullying through controlled confrontation and coping skills. 
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